Value Your Gold Bangle

How much is your gold bangle worth in physical gold?  The value of your gold bangle can be calculated using math if you have a digital scale to weigh the bangle.  If not, you can visit your local post office to weigh the gold bangle.


Gold bangles are popular in many different karats, and may be alloyed with many different metals.  Our valuation is just for the gold content of the bangle.


Below is an example of a 18K gold bangle valued simply for its gold content value:​

18K Gold Bangle Valuation Example

1.  The gold content in a 18K gold bangle is equivalent to 75% gold.  This percentage is derived from the calculation18K divided 24K (18/24) in order to establish the percent of gold content of 75%

2.  The overall weight of the gold bangle is weighed next.  For this example, our gold bangle weighs 6 grams, a common weight for a larger gold bangle.  We use grams instead of ounces because the weight is small.

3.  The live (current) price of gold can be found for free at online gold bullion dealers. is a popular online website to view current gold prices.  The "bid" is what a buyer is willing to pay per ounce of gold, and the "ask" is what a seller is willing to sell per gold ounce.  For our example, we will use a bid price of $61 gram.

4.  Calculate the gold content value by multiplying the weight of the gold bangle (6 grams) X's the live bid price of gold ($61), and multiple the sum by 75% (.75).

6 grams x's $61 per gram equals = $366

$366 X's 75% = $274.50

In conclusion, a 18K gold bangle that weighs 6 grams contains physical gold content worth $274.50.