Brief History

Gold bangles go very far back and are amongst the earliest forms of jewelry.   According to Wikipedia, gold bangles dataing back to 2600 BC have been foundin the Indian Sub-continent.  The historic site of Taxila contained gold bangle samples dating back to the 6th century BC.

Gold bangles were a status symbol in Ancient Egpyt amongst royalty. 


During the Middle Ages gemstones and diamonds started being incorporated into gold jewelry designs.  Gold bangles became adorned with gemstones.

Additionally, clasps were invented which allowed for more unique gold bangle designs with chain links.

The 1800's and 1900's saw further advances in jewelry creativity.  Diamond and gemstone encrusted bangles were introduced to the market.

Thousands of years ago gold bangles were made of 100% gold, or 24K gold.  Bangles most popular in India today are 22K and 24K gold.  In America, modern day gold bangles are typically 18K or 14K gold, but 10K gold bangles are also becoming increasingly popular.

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