A very common question is "what is the difference between a gold bracet and a gold bangle"? 


A gold bangle is simply just a one piece, solid bracelet that has no clasp.  It may or may not have a small opening.

Gold bangles are especially common on the Indian Sub-continent.  In modern day times these countries include India, Pakistan, and Nepal.​  In fact, bangles have a traditional value in the Hinduism religion and signal auspiciousness and sanctity of marriage.​  A single bangle along the arm in this tradition is called "kada", and they are worn by both men and women.

Gold bangles may also be encrusted with diamonds and gemstones to create an elaborate piece of jewelry.  Sets of bangles are sometimes worn together to create a stylish look.

Gold bangles can be made of pure 24K gold, or as little as 10K gold.  Gold bangles can be adorned with diamonds and gemstones creating a very unique and valuable piece of fine jewelry.

Gold bangles have a long history from Ancient Times to Modern Times.

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